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Neko's Siblings Theme

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The Neko's Siblings Theme tells the story of Neko seeing their long lost siblings on a warm sunny day!
Let's look at the story from San-X:

Zassou (Weed) likes to bask in the warm sunlight.
Because it was a warm day, all the Sumikko went for a walk.

When Neko was looking into the pond…
Suddenly two cats appeared!

"Long time no see!" the cats say.

--Neko thinks back to when they were a kitten.
‘Oh, it was back at that time?’ Neko remembers.
Neko was eating the fish all to themselves!--

The two cats were Neko’s siblings!

Back then, Neko was a bit selfish…

Neko: “Sorry for that time back then…”
Neko’s siblings: “No worries!”

Now, all three were very round and all look alike!
They had a fun time spending time happily together today.

There also is a bit of information about each of the cats. 
We know Neko loves eating and is a bit round...

The "grey" cat is curious and energetic. 
The "tiger" cat always has a sleepy expression and likes to relax. 
Both cats love to eat, just like Neko.

Now, let's look at some of the special goods!

First is this cute playset which features the pond on the warm sunny day.

Included is a little basket with Tokage wearing a crown. It quickly folds up into the standard book shape as the other playsets do. 

There are super mochi texture (and very round) cat plushies as well as a special little tray with all the cats as kittens. 

Perfect for the story -- there was also picnic mats and lunch goods released! So fitting for an outing on a warm summer day. 

What are you most excited for?

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Don't forget to download the freebies from San-X here!
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