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Snoopy Cuddly Heatable Toasty Plush - Peanuts SMOKO

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So soft and snuggly--great for any Peanuts fan. Enjoy heated or cool to keep refreshed!

About 13 x 7 x 6 inches
Officially Licensed Peanuts in collaboration with SMOKO
Condition: New

Heating Instructions (Do not heat entire plush):
- Remove pouch from plush and place in microwave on top of a microwave safe plate (to protect from burning). Place a small cup with 1/2 inch of water next to the plate (to prevent drying out)
- Heat in microwave for 60 seconds.
- Allow plush to rest for 30 seconds before removing.

Cooling Instructions:
- Place pouch in freezer for 30 minutes

Materials for heatable pouch: Flaxseed filling, mild lavender scent 

Outer Plush - Hand wash only. Do not iron, bleach or tumble dry
Inner Pouch - Spot clean only. Store in a dry cool place after use.

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