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Hamipa - New San-X Character

Posted by Mary Bear on

Meet Hamipa, the newest San-X character just released in March in Japan!

Hamipa has left the zoo and is a panda that is a little different than all the rest. Hamipa has a good friend named "Pichihiko" (ピチひこ) who is a caring owl who watches over Hamipa. But, Pichihiko is often swayed by Hamipa's whims and too much freedom.

hamipa sleeping

While the brown part of Hamipa looks like normal panda markings, they are actually pants! Hamipa does not like to feel constrained and would rather spill out of these pants, much like Hamipa's dislike for a strict daily routine!

Many Hamipa items feature stretchy pants that easily slip down his tail! Check out this cute "Goods Report" about the super squishy Hamipa Lying Plush

You must follow Hamipa's super cute Twitter to see all these fun posts each day! We also translate posts on our shop Twitter, too!

What do you think of Hamipa? 

Check out all the goods in Hamipa's first debut collection here!

Read more about Hamipa: (& photo credit)
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