Korilakkuma and Chairoikoguma's Happy Ice Cream Theme

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The new May 2019 Rilakkuma theme is all about Korilakkuma and Chairoikoguma. It features the cutest soft, pastel colors in the theme artwork. 

In our blog post today, we'll include information about all the new items, translation for this theme, and also freebies from San-X!

Let's look at the description for this theme:

"This new design is inspired by Korilakkuma with strawberry ice cream and Chairoikoguma with mint chocolate ice cream. The theme incorporates the two colors pink and mint blue. Korilakkuma and Chairoikoguma’s cute expressions will fill your heart with happiness."

The plush come in medium and small sizes as well as cute pink and blue bear keychains!

The goods include lifestyle goods, stationery and plush!

You have to watch the adorable video from San-X for this theme! Poor Korilakkuma drops their ice cream cone, and you can see what happens next...

Did you know about the wallpaper freebies San-X releases? Save these images for a cute phone background or your twitter! View them all here!

Shop all the items at our shop: Today, June 11th at 3pm EST!

Read more on the San-X website here!
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