Rilakkuma Bunny Theme

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The Rilakkuma Bunny Theme is arriving Saturday, July 5 at 2pm Eastern!

Today, we'll take a look at this theme's story, goods, and freebies!

The full name of the theme is "The Little Rabbits in the Field of Flowers" but we'll call it "Bunny Rilakkuma" for short!

Let's look at the description from San-X:

"There was beautiful field of flowers near the Honey Forest where Chairoikoguma lived. It was there where they met the little bunnies.

Chasing each other, playing and taking naps together, they all became good friends.
This is a new spring season series featuring flower motifs and cute little rabbits."

This theme has a wide variety of fun new goods including lifestyle (so many bags and pouches!), stationery, and plush, of course!

...and more, too!!

The video from San-X is so cute! I love how the bunnies appear right away at the title screen!

Check out the latest video from Mary Bear about this theme!

Hope to see you all at the livestream on Instagram at 1:00pm Eastern. 

We'll have special secret arrivals (lots of secondhand items!) announced at the livestream!

Don't forget to download the freebies from San-X here!

Read more on the San-X website here!
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