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Rilakkuma Deli Theme & Translation

Posted by Mary Bear on

The Rilakkuma Deli theme was released in August 2018. At first look, it seems like a lot of hamburgers and pizza--but there are many sweets incorporated in the design, too!

It has a cartoon-like retro feel with bold colors! Let's take a look at how San-X described the theme, as we translated (see the original here):

"The Rilakkuma Deli Theme is a stylish design including delicious looking foods such as hamburgers, donuts, pancakes and sandwiches. Speech bubbles and hand drawn designs with a color scheme incorporating black makes it suitable and appealing even for adults."

rilakkuma deli theme

I think it's fun to see some new color schemes incorporated in Rilakkuma designs! Luckily we can enjoy Rilakkuma at any age. ;) Do you prefer bold colors like in this theme or the more common pastel color schemes? Let me know in the comments!

Now let's look at some of the items from this theme...

rilakkuma deli memo

Isn't the little straw leaking on poor Koguma so cute!? And those big pancakes look so delicious...

We just got some NEW items from the Deli theme in stock, including sticker sheets, letter sets, and a mystery item just announced in our Thursday livestream!

All the items currently available can be found here!

deli rilakkuma items

Read the original in Japanese on San-X's website. Images (C) San-X.

Courtesy translation by Mary Bear Shop.


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