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Shirokuma's Handmade Plush Theme Translation

Posted by Mary Bear on

Shirokuma's Handmade Plush theme (しろくまのてづくりぬいぐるみ) shows how Shirokuma helped make new plushies for all the Sumikko.

Shirokuma had actually made Tokage a special plush of his mommy but it began to get quite worn. The theme starts out with Tokage asking Shirokuma to fix this plush. Poor Tokage was so sad about his broken mommy plush!!

shirokuma's handmade plush theme translation

Thankfully, due to Shirokuma's sewing talent, Tokage's plush was fixed and everyone also got new plushies, too!

You may notice many of the items feature a big red heart in the design (from all the love Shirokuma felt!) which makes this a very cute theme for Valentine's gifts!

There's even a cute video of the theme.

Check out all the new items in stock from the Shirokuma's Handmade Plush theme! We have large memo pads, badges, mystery erasers, sticky memos, mini memos, letter sets and pencils!

Let me know what are your favorite items down in the comments!

shirokuma's handmade plush items

Join us for our livestream Tuesday, January 15th on our Instagram to see them items up close, discuss the new theme and ask any questions! See you then!

livestream marybearshop

Read the original in Japanese on San-X's website. (C) San-X.

Courtesy translation by Mary Bear Shop.

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