Sumikko Tapioca Theme

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The Sumikko Tapioca Theme is arriving Saturday, June 29 at 6pm Eastern!

If you didn't already know, there are four colors of Tapioca--Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Black. They are very cynical because they have been left at the bottom of the milk tea cup for being too hard to suck. Black Tapioca is most cynical of all. 

You can often find the Tapioca muttering complaints together in the corner.

Maybe these Tapioca just need a big hug! Check out this BIG Pink Tapioca cushion coming Saturday...

There will also be mini Pink and Blue squishy mascots in a milk tea cup shaped case!

There will also be a restock of Tenori size Tapioca plush along with lots of new stationery! (And much more!!)

Hope to see you all at the livestream on Instagram at 5:30pm Eastern.

We'll have special secret arrivals (Shirokuma's Handmade Plush items coming, too) announced at the livestream!

Read more on the San-X website here!
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