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Who is Koguma?

Posted by Mary Bear on

Koguma-chan is the newest friend to Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma! Today, we are going to learn more about this new friend!

introduction to koguma korilakkuma's friend

What does Koguma's name mean?

Koguma's full name is "Chairoikoguma" (チャイロイコグマ) and means "brown little bear".

"Chairoi" means brown,
"Ko" means small, 
and "kuma" means bear.

Here, "kuma" is changed slightly to "guma".
Often, "-chan" is added at the end as a friendly, cute honorific. 

Honorifics such as "chan" are not so easily translated. In English, titles such as "Mr." or "Miss" are much more formal than "chan" in Japanese and is often used between friends or for pets. 

koguma with rilakkuma korilakkuma and kiiroitori

It seems Kiiroitori named Koguma!
Interestingly, both characters have naming format (color + animal). Kiiroitori literally means "yellow bird".

Koguma is often just referred to as "Koguma-chan" by Japanese speakers and also Korilakkuma. It is said that "Chairoikoguma" is too difficult for Korilakkuma to pronounce, so Korilakkuma simply says "Koguma-chan". 

Now you know all about Koguma's name!

What else do we know about Koguma?

Koguma is a real bear that lives in the Honey Forest. Koguma loves honey (and even smells of it!) and has a bear-shaped honey pot to hold the special honey. 

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koguma plush types
Image sources: San-X, translation by Mary Bear


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