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All About Sumikkgurashi

Posted by Mary Bear on

These San-X characters are very cute, but how much do you know about each of them?
Sumikko” means “corner” and “gurashi” means to gather.
The Sumikkogurashi friends all love corners and would prefer to stay out of the center of rooms.
Let's read about their backstory! You can find the original web page here and my translation follows below.

"What are Sumikkogurashi?
Seats on a train fill up starting from the corner seats. If you go to a cafe, it would be best to reserve seats in a corner.
How come we feel calm when we are in a corner?
A polar bear that doesn’t like the cold, an unconfident penguin, a leftover part of a tonkatsu, a shy cat, a “lizard” who hides their true identity--it may seem slightly depressing at first, but it makes them each unique.
If you like corners or you care about corners,
won’t you be a friend of Sumikkogurashi?"

Aw, of course I will!!
Next, let's look at each character individually! You can learn more on San-X's English page too here.

So, now you know! Did you learn anything new? 
Who is your favorite character? I love Mogura!
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