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Hopper Kangaroo Family - Calico Critters

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Meet the Hopper Kangaroo Family! 

Mom, Sandy loves keeping the home sparkly clean, baking delicious pies and cakes--always served for dessert after dinner!

Father, Richie is a big sports fan and is a sports writer for Calico Village. He plays golf too.

Sister, Isabella, is in many clubs at school including gymnastics and tennis. She has so many friends because she is so polite and kind to every critter she meets.

Baby sister, Katie loves to take naps and listen to lullabies. After a nap, she always wants lots of hugs. Enjoys being the center of attention!

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Calico Critters are known originally and in many other parts of the world as 'Sylvanian Families'. These same nostalgic Critter friends from Epoch Japan are now here in the US as Calico Critters.