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Hopscotch Rabbit Family Bunny - Calico Critters

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Hopscotch Rabbit Family Set includes:

Mother, Heidi - Likes cooking delicious meals and sewing clothes for her children. She loves interior design and keeps the home so nicely decorated!

Father, Harlin - Enjoys planning community events in Calico Village. Loves to bake bread and take the family to the park for picnics

Sister, Bell - Cheerful and loves sharing her delicious baked treats with her friends. Talented in drawing and has won many prizes in school competitions

Brother, Skip - Great soccer player and is always in a happy mood. He can always make his friends laugh with his jokes. He's more quiet in math class because he's not very good at it. 

Largest figure is about 3.25 inches tall.
Authentic EPOCH Calico Critters

Calico Critters are known originally and in many other parts of the world as 'Sylvanian Families'. These same nostalgic Critter friends from Epoch Japan are now here in the US as Calico Critters. 

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