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All About Rilakkuma

Posted by Mary Bear on

How much do you know about Rilakkuma and all their friends? 
Let's take a look...

Rilakkuma means “relaxed bear”. Rilakkuma is always lazy and relaxed. According to San-X, Rilakkuma is impossible to not like and we will all inevitably be drawn into Rilakkuma’s super lazy lifestyle. 

Rilakkuma = “Rilakk” (relaxed) + “kuma” (bear)

This “bear costume” named Rilakkuma appeared to Kaoru-san, an office lady, out of nowhere. Rilakkuma suddenly imposed himself upon Kaoru-san and began living in her house. It’s not clear what is inside this bear costume. Rilakkuma is lazy and rolls around all day, never making themselves quite useful but occasionally offering advice. Meals and snacks seem to be of primary importance to Rilakkuma.

Korilakkuma =  “Ko”  (little) + “Rilakkuma”

Korilakkuma is a white bear cub but its origins are unknown. Korilakkuma didn’t know Rilakkuma in the past and was named by Kiiroitori. A red button is on Korilakkuma’s chest so it seems to not be a real bear.
Korilakkuma is mischevious, has lots of energy, and loves strawberries. 

Kiiroitori = “Kiiroi” (yellow) + “tori” (bird)

Kiiroitori is a yellow bird who was Kaoru-san’s pet and used to stay in a bird cage before Rilakkuma arrived. Now, Kiiroitori can freely leave its cage. Kiiroitori is often annoyed by Rilakkuma’s laziness and Korilakkuma’s daily mischief.

Chairoikoguma = “Chairoi” (brown) + “Koguma” (little bear)


Chairoikoguma, also called Koguma-chan, is a real bear who lives in the Honey Forest and is good friends with Korilakkuma. Koguma has thick white fur on its chest and you can see its teeth sometimes! The shape of a bear is on the soles of Koguma’s hind feet. Always smelling of honey, there is even some honey stuck on Koguma’s rear! Read more about Koguma here on our blog post!

Read more about Rilakkuma from San-X here: English  / Japanese
(Images from San-X )

So, who is your favorite character? Do you think we will see any new friends anytime soon?

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