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Korilakkuma's New Friend Theme

Posted by Mary Bear on

First introduced in March 2016, "Korilakkuma's New Friend Theme" or 「コリラックマと新しいお友達」テーマ was the first theme to feature Koguma-chan! It is sometimes called the "Honey Forest Theme".

At the time, most people were uncertain if Koguma was a permanent character or not. Luckily, Koguma has become so loved and popular that Koguma seems to be here to stay!

Check out the original story from San-X below!
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koguma korilakkuma's new friend theme translated

1. Drawn in by the sweet smell of honey, the Rilakkuma bunch went into the Honey Forest. Korilakkuma went deep in the forest and found a delicious looking honey jar. Korilakkuma reached to grab it, but suddenly, a head poked out from behind the tree.

2. Rilakkuma was relaxing in the shade beneath a tree. It seems that Korilakkuma is bringing someone else along to see Rilakkuma.

3. It seems Korilakkuma made a new friend! Koguma-chan is brown, round, and smells like honey.Koguma always carries a special honey, and it seems they all have a liking for delicious honey in common!

4. They climb trees together, play tag, but sometimes fight for the honey.

5. It looks like Korilakkuma is having a lot of fun!

6. They share the honey and happily eat together in the forest!

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Read the original in Japanese here. (C) San-X. Translation by Mary Bear.


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