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NEW Sumikko Character!

Posted by Mary Bear on

Did you notice the new Sumikkogurashi character in Shirokuma's Handmade Plush theme?

wata new sumikko gurashi character

The new character's name is "Wata" meaning Cotton! It is the special piece of cotton inside Tokage's stuffed animal.

tokage mom plush

Shirokuma made a cute plush for Tokage that looks like Tokage's mom, but it soon got quite worn...When Shirokuma began to fix the plush, suddenly Cotton flew out! 

wata cotton new character with tokage

Cotton was greatful that Tokage had taken good care of the plush.
Now, it seems Cotton was not so quick to return inside the Mom plush...
Cotton is seen having fun with a new found friend Dust! They are just about the same size and seem like a good fit for one another. 

You can spy them together quite a bit in this theme! Have you noticed them hanging out anywhere else?

sumikko sewing handmade plush

You can read the whole theme's story here.

translation of shirokuma handmade plush theme

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Read the original in Japanese on San-X's website. (C) San-X.


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